Guardians of Ember open beta begins next week with Veterans’ Rewards program

Guardians of Ember open beta rewards

Gameforge is getting ready for the relaunch of Guardians of Ember, the action MMORPG that was previously released as a paid game under publisher Insel Games. After purchasing the rights, the German company is now announcing the open beta, which should begin during the next week.

There's something in store for those who have played Guardians of Ember before the transition as well – the Veterans’ Rewards program will reward players who have created an account before 2019's closed beta. A Skill Reset Scroll is just one of the items that will be included.

Guardians of Ember is the latest PC game from Runewaker, makers of Runes of Magic and Dragon's Prophet. This Diablo-like MMO features four races, six character classes and 58 different regions to explore. Unlike other games, you won't be devouring levels right from the start – Guardians of Ember's experience bar is a much more restrained affair and it will take you quite some time to reach the level cap.

You can read our impressions from the recent Guardians of Ember closed beta test to learn more about it. Sign up to play at the official website.


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