Guardians of Ember shutdown announced for February

Guardians of Ember shutdown

The year has barely begun and the game cancelations are starting to show their ugly faces. Gameforge has just announced the Guardians of Ember shutdown, ending the service for this pretty decent hack and slash MMORPG.

While it's easy to assume that the game just didn't have a large enough player base to keep it going, there is another reason for the service end. Publisher Gameforge and developer Runewaker aren't renewing the contract for the game, which means that the Guardians of Ember shutdown is going to happen on February 14, 2020. There are no other official Guardians of Ember servers running at the time, putting aside any chance of character transfers.

Starting today, January 20, 2020, players will no longer be able to purchase premium currency. If you're playing and still have some currency available, it's advised to use it in the shop before the Guardians of Ember servers close for good.

Guardians of Ember was a fairly good online action RPG that was off to a bad start. The first publisher's decision (Insel Games) to release it in the west as a premium game was a bit farfetched and didn't do the game any favors. Later, Gameforge bought the rights and released it as free-to-play in January 2019. However, this game has been around in Taiwan since 2015 in its original Embergarde form, and as everyone knows – especially Lost Ark fans -, the more time that goes by, the more the interest dies down.


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