Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 5 All or Nothing launches today

Guild Wars 2 All or Nothing

All or Nothing, the fifth episode of Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 4, releases today. Besides having one of the longest titles in gaming history if we say it all at once, this is one episode where the fate of the world is in danger. All heroes in Tyria must rally to face an epic conclusion as Elder Crystal Dragon Kralkatorrik waits for a massive battle.

This content is free for everyone owning Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Here are the features of All or Nothing:

• A new fractal, Siren’s Reef, in which players will work to break the isle’s curse while surrounded by an army of ghost pirates.

• A new map, Thunderhead Peaks, in which players return to the dwarven fortress of Thunderhead Keep from the original Guild Wars.

• The legendary longbow Pharus that calls down the power of cosmic light.

• A new mount mastery, Bond of Faith, that launches players out of the saddle, allowing for a seamless transition from mount riding to gliding and opening up new exploration possibilities.

• The new “Diviner” gear stat set.

• The new upgradeable “Dragonsblood” weapon set.


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