Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 1 Daybreak is live

Guild Wars 2 path of fire

That headline sure has a lot of words! But it's all because ArenaNet has just announced today's release of Daybreak, the first episode of the Guild Wars 2 Living World series, Season 4.

The Living World content is released every 2-3 months and is free for everyone who owns Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, the new expansion to this awesome MMORPG. Season 4 is aimed at players with level 80 characters, but the content purchase comes with a level 80 boost, so you don't have to complete the expansion storyline in order to play Season 4.

Daybreak comes with the following:

• New Legendary Focus: A relic shrouded in mystery.

• New Fractal – Twilight Oasis: Journey to the past and witness events that shaped Elona.

• New Raid – Hall of Chains: An influx of murderous undead relentlessly hunt innocent worshippers of Grenth. Infiltrate the Underworld and join the struggle for control over the fates of the living and the dead.

• A notable and much-asked-for quality of life improvement: A new “keys” category has been added to the account wallet, which contains a currency version of several existing items which are used to unlock caches of treasure. These items can be consumed to convert them into the new currencies. Players can find a full list of the new currencies in the patch notes.


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