Guild Wars 2 teases new Living World episode, now with Roller Beetle mount

guild wars 2 long live the lich

ArenaNet is finally putting the finishing touches on the next Living World Season 4 update for Guild Wars 2, the third to be exact. It is called Long Live the Lich and the release is planned for June 26. And a new mount is coming at last, and quite an odd one at that.

First and foremost, the story of Long Live the Lich focuses on the return of Palawa Joko, the undead overlord of Elona, who you may have known in Path of Fire. All the fighting will take place in the new zone called Domain of Kourna, and this episode also includes a new fractal, Deepstone and a new legendary warhorn, Verderach.

But the highlight of this update – at least for us – is the introduction of the first Guild Wars 2 mount in a while: the Roller Beetle mount. Don't worry, you won't be rolling dung or whatever; in fact, the beetle actually rolls on itself, as you push forward and crash through walls, jump high with the help of a ramp, and look somewhat menacing.

This Living World content, just like the previous episodes, is only available for owners of the Path of Fire expansion. If you don't have it yet, you can take advantage of the 50% off sale from June 19 – 27 on the official Guild Wars 2 store.

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