Guild Wars 2 expansion Path of Fire is coming in September

Path of Fire

One of the best MMORPGs ever created is getting bigger and better this September, when the new expansion releases. Path of Fire is the name of the new paid content for Guild Wars 2 and we're reporting on it because the core game is fully free. It's up to you to buy the first expansion already available, Heart of Thorns, or this second expansion, which will be available on September 22, 2017.

In Path of Fire, players will have to face the rogue god of fire and war, Balthazar, and thwart his plan to destroy the Elder Dragons. You'll travel through two new. albeit somewhat familiar regions: Crystal Desert (from the first Guild Wars) and the adjoining kingdom of Elona (from the Nightfall expansion).

In a shocking turn of events, Path of Fire is going to add mounts to the game. Yes, Guild Wars 2 didn't have mounts, as strange as it sounds! But as with the rest of the game, ArenaNet tried to put a spin on this staple of the MMORPG genre. So, instead or simply boosting movement speed, these mounts actually have some unique benefits to them. For example, the Raptor has an enormous leap, so it is able to jump across canyons and over roofs, to reach areas otherwise inaccessible to players. The Springer, which looks like this sort of huge mutant bunny, has a charged leap and the more you charge, the higher it will go. All of these mounts (there's also the Skimmer and the Jackal) are a great tool for exploration and while they're not created for combat, they have some skills to help you out, such as the Raptor's tail spin that pulls enemies together.

You can also have a beautiful Guild Hall and there will be nine new elite specializations: Guardian – Fireband, Necromancer – Scourge, Engineer – Holosmith, Thief – Deadeye, Mesmer – Mirage, Elementalist – Weaver, Ranger – Soulbeast, Revenant – Renegade, and Warrior – Spellbreaker.

To purchase Path of Fire, you have three choices and all of them come with a max-level boost. The Standard Edition costs $29.99, the Deluxe Edition costs $54.99 and the Ultimate Edition costs $79.99. You can read more about this expansion on the official microsite.

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