Guild Wars 2 gets the new World versus World mount Warclaw

Guild Wars 2 WvW mount Warclaw

Guild Wars 2 is about to get a new World versus World mount on February 26: the Warclaw. This giant armored cat with horns is about to wreak havoc in PvP with its three abilities:

• Battle Maul – When diving into battle, your Warclaw will maul the enemy before disappearing into the Mist.
• Chain Pull – The most advanced Warclaw trainers can use their mounts to help pull down gates.
• Evade – Need to break through enemy lines? Your mount can use its stamina to gain a quick burst of speed and evade attacks.

The Warclaw is only available to those who purchased the Path of Fire expansion for Guild Wars 2.

The announcement of this mount is being received with some disdain by Guild Wars 2 players, judging by the comments and dislikes in the Warclaw video below. If you are a Guild Wars 2 player, what is your opinion on this?


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