Guild Wars dev ArenaNet is working on new Unreal Engine 4 console game

Guild Wars dev ArenaNet

Guild Wars dev ArenaNet is working on “an unannounced third-person fantasy action console title.” The news was spotted on a job offer (via for an Art Director, with another requirement being experience using Unreal Engine 4.

The job offer doesn't bring any other details on the upcoming game, and there's not a single mention on multiplayer or online. Could ArenaNet be leaving the MMO market for good, with Guild Wars 2 being its last foray into the genre? We can't accurately say so, but there are recent rumors that the studio could be secretly working on Guild Wars 3.

Other surprising aspect of the job offer is the console mention. Currently a studio focused on PC, with only two games under its belt, the shift to a console exclusive could disappoint its existing player base. Perhaps this console project is a Guild Wars spin-off, but that surely wouldn't be enough to appease the PC players' potential wrath.

ArenaNet was hit with a significant round of layoffs in early 2019. While the future of Guild Wars dev ArenaNet is a mystery, let's hope that it manages to stay afloat and that the next months bring the announcement of a Guild Wars 3 release date. Now that would be interesting news.

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