GunFleet is on Early Access now, it’s a faster World of Warships

One more free-to-play game (besides Mobius Final Fantasy) has just entered Steam Early Access today: GunFleet. This is described as an MMO shooter where you can fight with fleets from the First and Second World Wars, but if you need a better comparison, picture it as a faster, arcade-ish World of Warships.

That is for comparison purposes only, as GunFleet already isn't sitting well with players, having mixed reviews already and these mention a weird boat handling and enemies disappearing in front of your eyes because they aren't “spotted” anymore. Now we know how “trustworthy” Steam reviews can be, especially for a game that just launched a few hours ago, so this is why we want you to give it a try and see if it's right down your alley.

It includes over 40 units and it's nice to see that submarines are featured, something that other ship warfare games fail to cover properly. It also offers 15 game areas, from Arctic and to the tropical islands as well as customization options.

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