GWENT’s massive update adds unit positioning, taunts, and new languages

GWENT is evolving! CDProjekt has just released a new update called Positioning Update for this highly anticipated collectible card game, currently in closed beta, and it brings quite a few important changes and additions. First and foremost is Unit Positioning – you can now choose the place where you want your cards to be on the row, and this will heavily affect how the abilities interact with the units on the board.

Do you know the feeling when you're kicking ass in GWENT and you can't properly humiliate your opponent? That sad lack of bragging is now a thing of the past, with the addition of taunts, short phrases or words (“thanks”, “you're going down”, praise, menace…) that express your feelings clearly. Card History allows you to review the previous moves in the game, so you can better plan your next moves. The board and user interface were overhauled so you can get a more clear look at all the info. Finally, GWENT now includes Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Italian languages.

In the future GWENT is getting more of a visual overhaul (the Positining Update was just the beginning) and more cards, with the plan being that every single card should get its own premium animated version. We'll also have to keep waiting for an open beta date.



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