H1Z1 is going free-to-play today with Auto Royale mode

H1Z1 free to play

Can you smell that? It's the smell of déjà vu in the air, as H1Z1 goes free-to-play today. Again.

If you remember correctly, H1Z1 was going to be free-to-play until Daybreak decided to split it into two games and put a price tag on each one. You had H1Z1: King of the Hill and H1Z1: Just Survive. Now, and probably related to the massive success of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale, H1Z1 Battle Royale is free again, with the recent addition of Auto Royale – you know, Battle Royale with cars.

If you purchased H1Z1 before, you'll be rewarded with the “H1Z1 Appreciation Pack”, which includes the following items: Gasrunner Hoodie, Bloom Survivor T-Shirt, Splinter Camo ARV, 10 Victory Crates and 10,000 Skulls. Of course, you can also purchase one of the three new bundles called Battle Royale packs.

Are you going to try H1Z1 or you're already in love with another Battle Royale?

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