H1Z1 sells one million on Steam, bans 5000 cheaters

Daybreak Game Company's President John Smedley recently tweeted that the studio's zombie survival MMO H1Z1 has sold over one million copies on Steam. Impressive figures, even more with the game still being in alpha and early access.

Among plenty of congratulatory tweets, some players decided to leave a bit of criticism, with a few of them hitting the mark according to Smedley himself (“And the environment Hitbox still not fix!”) and others being promptly denied (“and still hackers reign…”). A lot of Steam user reviews do mention hackers, though, and Smedley actually tweeted that over 5000 cheaters were banned.

H1Z1 is currently on PC but is also coming to PlayStation 4. And there are zombies in it, despite the fact that these are just a small nuisance and everyone seems to play it for the PvP component, pretty much like DayZ. We actually mentioned the fact in our H1Z1 first look video, stating that the game needs a whole lot more zombies to make the player feel threatened, instead of just ignoring them.


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