Happy birthday: MU Legend is celebrating its first anniversary

MU Legend adds PvP Battle Royale

Do you know what day it is today? It's anniversary day! Battlerite is blowing its candle and MU Legend is doing the exact same thing. Yes, only one candle. They are still very young, you know?

MU Legend is celebrating its first anniversary after its official release in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia and is running the 1st Anniversary Festival until December 4. This brings festivities to regions such as Ohrdor, with bright fireworks and party atmosphere all-around, as well as Anniversary Coins that are just there for the taking – and the exchanging for valuable items. To get these coins, you have to complete the Ohrdor Sewer dungeon without letting the monster reach the ladder, or play the dungeon event of the Labyrinth and escape as fast as you can. You can also expect some treasure hunts, as well as special sales and lucky boxes in the in-game store.

In a related note, the server merge that we mentioned a while ago happened earlier today. EU and US now have one server per region only.

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