Harry Potter MMORPG Wizarding World Online Kickstarter begins

When a Harry Potter MMORPG was announced, fans of the series jumped with joy; but when a mere week later the project was put on hold probably due to a legal dispute with Warner Bros, disappointment settled in. However, developer Bio-Hazard Entertainment immediately announced it was working on World of Magic, a similarly themed MMORPG.

Nearly a year later, the studio is ready to reveal more about the project, including the Kickstarter page and the new name: The Wizarding World Online. This is still very much a Harry Potter MMORPG, since it is set in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe. However, we're still unsure about how development will actually go this time – despite the update and it being dubbed as a ‘fan project', it seems strange for an inexperienced studio to ask for $100.000 to simply fund a prototype: “Our $100,000 goal is not to fund the entire production from start to finish, but to produce a product that will draw interest from potential publishers and investors who will fund the rest of this development.”

Although the prospect of a Harry Potter MMORPG is a very interesting one, The Wizarding World Online seems to be on shaky IP ground, so we suggest you keep an eye out on further developments.


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