Harry Potter MMO is in production, Warner Bros has final say

Are you a Harry Potter fan and still dream of an MMO set in the popular universe created by J.K. Rowling? Well then, there's still hope for you. Bio-Hazard Entertainment is working on such a game, currently titled Harry Potter Online, with an official website up and running here.

However, this seems like a big challenge to the unknown studio and it's not all in their hands: “The game will be completed all the way up to beta and from that point on is when the moment of truth will take place!” This moment of truth they mention is the go or no go from Warner Bros., which has the rights to Harry Potter videogames:

“Seeing that it could be a really great business plan, a license was given that would allow the company to begin production on the MMO up until beta. Once beta was hit it would then be decided if the production would be a good investment or not.”You can learn a lot about the project in the developer diary below. Sadly there isn't much yet in terms of screenshots, just a few pieces of concept art to look at. As for details, the Harry Potter MMO will let you choose from 3 schools of magic (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Durmstrang Institute), play Qudditch and Wizard Battles, as well as becoming versed in professions such as Pet Master or Mount Crafter.

It all sounds good, but we can't wait for a gameplay trailer to see if Harry Potter Online is the game that Hogwarts deserves.

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