Heavy Metal Machines is celebrating Halloween until December

Heavy Metal Machines is celebrating Halloween

Because Halloween is more than a celebration, it's a state of mind – I just came up with that -, Heavy Metal Machines is going to extend the festivities until December.

The latest update for the free-to-play post-apocalyptic car combat PC MOBA added limited time character models. Little Monster, Rampage and Black Lotus saw their fan favorite outfits resurrected for Heavy Halloween and now look like ancient mummies (“Curse of Nefertem”), poisoned spiders (“Arachnophobia”) or even a brain-exposed Frankenstein monster on wheels (“It's Alive”). The new skins change the appearance of the characters but also their abilities and are available until December 4, 2018.

Heavy Metal Machines also brought a Halloween skin for the Artificer character, a pumpkin-witch-bat look. You can win the “71st Witchcraft” skin when you complete 40 group matches with Steam friends until November 20.

Heavy Metal Machines is celebrating Halloween

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