Heavy Metal Machines officially launches on Steam today

Heavy Metal Machines officially launches on Steam today

The vehicular combat MOBA Heavy Metal Machines officially launched on Steam today. Developed by Brazilian studio Hoplon, this is a pretty good and original game that you should check if you like crazy cars and combat.

Featuring 4v4 matches, Heavy Metal Machines is a fast-paced game with 14 peculiar characters and various arenas where your team has to pick up a bomb and destroy your opponent's base. The official launch brings a new character, Icebringer, who is capable of freezing his rivals. But it comes with more, such as a new progression system, Metal Pass, offering a multitude of missions and rewards across 50 experience levels. These will play out in Seasons, with the first one being titled Road to Malmheim.

“Years of hard work from a very talented team has led us to the release of Heavy Metal Machines,” said Rodrigo Campo, CEO of Hoplon. “We are very excited to ‘turn the switch’ and officially launch our game, which we hope brings innovation and something unique to both the free-to-play and wider esports scene.”

“This official launch is just the start for Heavy Metal Machines,” said Tatiana Moreira, Hoplon’s Marketing and Publishing Manager. “We are committed not only bringing regular updates with new content but, above all, we are emphasizing esports and organizing tournaments for our global community.”

Heavy Metal Machines entered Steam Early Access in 2017, and was downloaded by over 800,000 players. In the meantime, it received two new arenas, more characters and dedicated North American servers.

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