Hegemony could be the free-to-play Minecraft MMORPG that you need

Hegemony Minecraft MMORPG

Minecraft never goes out of style and there is a new game coming that supports that theory. Hegemony is a free-to-play game that could turn out to be the Minecraft MMORPG that you have always wanted… if you are a fan of voxel-based games, that is.

Developed by Envision Studios using the Minecraft engine, this game is set in Europe during 1533. It is described as a classic MMORPG that mixes unique gameplay features with the sandbox mechanics that Minecraft is known for.

While Hegemony may be labeled as free-to-play, it's not entirely free – it requires you to have an unmodified Minecraft client to play, without the need to download additional files.

Hegemony has many professions, including farming, cooking, and thieving (is that an actual job?). It also features over 30 skills to train across combat, gathering, and more. With over 1000 items and 600 recipes, there will always be a lot to discover and to get the in-game economy going.

Combat isn't ignored, with no classes or skill trees to limit your character build. You will fight according to the weapon that you equip and the armor that you wear.

Being an MMORPG, Hegemony promises non-linear storylines and complex quests that will require some thinking. All this set in a sprawling open world with spectacular but somewhat blocky vistas – due to the voxel-based engine, in case you missed the point.

The official Hegemony website has more info and the indie devs could use your support and donation to keep the project going. There is no release date at the moment, so keep checking for updates.

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