It just won’t die: Hellgate: London is returning… as a single player RPG?

Hellgate: London is returning

Very few games know the meaning of “development hell” as well as Hellgate: London. Designed by a team comprised of some Blizzard Entertainment employees who worked on Diablo, this game was expected to be a revolution, but ended up being a disappointment.

With the shutdown of the original NA and EU release, Hanbitsoft acquired the rights to the game and later released it as the free-to-play Hellgate London: Resurrection in South Korea. Recently, the game has surprisingly appeared on Steam for a November 15, 2018 release. What's more, this re-re-release (if my calculations are correct) seem to be lacking the multiplayer aspect of Hellgate: London and focus on a “single play environment with the latest version (Version 2.0) of the Hellgate: Tokyo service.” Oddly enough, there is a promise of “premium support items”, which means that you'll be paying for items in your single-player game. That was originally released in 2007 to a mild reception.

Anyway, give it a look if you're curious about the return of a game that should have been great.

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