Hello Kitty is coming to TERA… wait, what?

Is it April Fools' Day again already? It looks like your favorite kitty – or not – is coming to the fantasy action MMORPG TERA. Hello Kitty will forever be a part of this game when players buy Hello Kitty-themed items in the TERA store, items that will only be available until May 19, 2016 – after that they will be gone forever.

Fell free to check the store and buy loot boxes that may give you Hello Kitty uniforms of different colors or even a black tux, but apparently you can also get backpacks, headphones, weird hats and… a pig mount costume or something?

Anyway, give it a look in the trailer below and let us know just how excited you are for the next TERA crossover with Care Bears (joking).

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