Here’s what you should know about combos in Blade & Soul

NCsoft has detailed how combos work in Blade and Soul, describing how you can chain abilities to create devastating attacks. The combos in Blade & Soul are divided in three styles: Conditional Combos, Situational Combos and High Impact Combos. Here is a rundown of the different combos and you can read it in more detail here.

The first Blade & Soul closed beta weekend begins October 30, 2015.

Conditional combos use a certain sequence of skills based on a condition being triggered on either yourself, or on your opponent, such as being knocked down or stunned.

Situational combos take advantage of an opponents situation, such as being rooted. With enough experience you’ll find what skills work best together depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

High Impact Combos: When you string together a series of attacks that cause massive amounts of damage, you’ll receive a boost — giving certain other skills a buff. For example, when the Blade Master successfully “Blocks” an attack, their “Pierce” skill gains Maximum Boost, which allows them to strike back multiple times in rapid succession.


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