Heroes & Generals’ Colmar Hamlet update adds new map

Heroes & Generals Colmar Hamlet

Heroes & Generals just received a new update, Colmar Hamlet, and with it comes a new map of the same name.

This popular free-to-play World War 2 game just got bigger with the new Colmar Hamlet for the Encounter Game Mode. In this map, two teams of infantry soldiers will be battling for control of a small settlement, a hamlet, and this could make a difference in the game's persistent online war. The devs describe this map as being designed with an easy to read layout for new players, but it will challenge veteran players' skill, aim and ability.

The Heroes and Generals Colmar Hamlet update also brings five new weather settings (pushing the number to 12), 42 new helmet covers (there are a total of 770 infantry combinations, and 14 new vehicle paint jobs.

Read the full patch notes for more details and watch the Colmar Hamlet video announcement below.

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