HeroWarz closed beta begins May 18, sign-ups open… for some [updated]

Update: KOG Games has commented on the IP block with this message:

“This region restriction is only temporary, do not worry. This has been applied to test a number of initial technical, geographic and game/server-focused concerns. However do not fret – Access will expand during our later game launch phase, and most importantly, the official HeroWarz launch.

We do apologize for any frustration this may cause, but do appreciate your patience. We want nothing more than to have you and everyone else in the game, and will get many of our global players in the game playing soon!”

Original story: Do you remember when Mr. Killer Whale revealed that the HeroWarz closed beta would begin in May? Well, KOG Games now has a more specific date: May 18, 2016. Even better, the sign-ups are already open. There seems to be a catch though, and a weird one at that – it looks like this first closed beta is restricting access to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, so you may not be able to sign up right now.

HeroWarz is a cool action online RPG with some stunning characters and original abilities – think of it as a cross between Diablo and Marvel Heroes, but with the wackiness factor multiplied by thousand. Here's the closed beta date announcement trailer.

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