HeroWarz: Korean MMORPG is coming to western territories

KOG Games, makers of Elsword Online and the recently released AIMA have just announced that they're bringing HeroWarz to the western market (thanks MMOCulture). This is a free-to-play isometric action MMORPG and while it wasn't the first game that came to mind when thinking about a possible release in North America and Europe, it could be a welcome addition.

“We have been in talks to sign this deal to bring HeroWarz to North America and the western market for some time and we are very excited that it is finally a reality,” said Eugene Kim, CEO of KOG Games. “The game has been a huge success in Korea, hitting the top 10 at one point. We know that the game will really appeal to the Western market and we can’t wait to share more details.”

HeroWarz features several characters with their own look and abilities, with heroes frequently being added to the game. It entered closed beta in Korea during 2013 and it's a very fast-paced action game, so much that sometimes it's difficult to see what's going on.


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