Hi-Rez​ gaming​ community​ raises​ ​$76,000​ for hurricane​ relief

Hi-Rez Studios is known for raising considerable amounts for charity, and the makers of Paladins and SMITE did it again, this time for hurricane relief. Earlier this month, SMITE and Paladins players around the world contributed to support those who were affected by the devastating Hurricane Harvey. The Hi-Rez gaming community raised $76,000 to donate to the Red Cross for hurricane relief efforts. This amount was amassed through special promotions for SMITE and Paladins, with a portion of the in-game purchases going to hurricane relief.

“Over the years our players have demonstrated how charity through gaming can change lives,” said Stew Chisam, President of Hi-Rez Studios. “The $76,000 raised by SMITE and Paladins players will aid relief efforts in Houston, and we are thankful to our players for the generosity they have shown in support of great causes.”

Hi-Rez has raised a total of $1,401,749 for various charities over the past five years. You can still donate to Red Cross online here.

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