Hi-Rez reveals cross-platform shooter Rogue Company

Rogue Company

Hi-Rez, maker of SMITE and Paladins, has revealed its new game. Rogue Company is a military shooter in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Epic Games Store. The release is planned for 2020 and features cross-platform play.

Considering Hi-Rez's output, Rogue Company is a clear change of style for the studio. The shooter features realistic mercenaries and looks, and seems to play in third-person. The beginning of the matches sees the operatives diving from the skies, in a nod to the way that all Battle Royale games start; however, it isn't described as a Battle Royale game, instead being more of a team-based PvP game.

Hi-Rez promises more details about the playable mercenaries for this month, with the game modes and maps being revealed during October. A full run-down on the weapons will be shared in November, while additional information on the “world of Rogue Company” is coming in December.

You can head over to the official website to sign up for the alpha. One thing that we do not know about Rogue Company is the business model. Judging by the crowded shooter genre, Hi-Rez's history, and the game's somewhat average looks, it would be surprising if it didn't turn out to be free-to-play. If that is the case, it will have to face the competition of Wargaming's upcoming military shooter Caliber.

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