Hi-Rez: Global Agenda 2 is a possibility, but no promises

A long time ago, when SMITE was becoming big and money was flooding the Hi-Rez offices, there was some talk about Global Agenda 2 and how the closed beta could happen later that year. The year was 2014 and we haven't heard a peep on that game since then, which is odd for a game that seemed in a fairly advanced state.

Now, MOP asked Hi-Rez about the future of the studio (you know, besides SMITE Tactics, SMITE Rivals and probably SMITE clicker – no, we're joking on this last one), and the answer was a bit surprising. We can sum it up by saying that Global Agenda 2 as we've been told before doesn't exist anymore, but the studio wants to make another game with the Global Agenda IP: “I do think there's something there in terms of a game that can be done again and still have success.”

There is some staff at Hi-Rez Studioz exploring ideas and seeing just what sticks. However, there's no guarantee that something will be made out of it, even if the studio really loves the IP. With Paladins as the new competitive darling of Hi-Rez, it's easy to see why they wouldn't rush to another PvP game such as Global Agenda 2, but maybe in a couple of years they can give it another go.

Do you think it could happen or will Hi-Rez focus on the SMITE IP?

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