Honkai Impact 3rd Dawn of Glory update is coming, new battlesuit and open world

Honkai Impact 3rd Dawn of Glory

Great things are coming to Honkai Impact 3rd players. Fans of the PC and mobile action RPG must get ready for the new v3.8 update. The Honkai Impact 3rd Dawn of Glory expansion is coming to global servers on April 2. But there's more, with the release of the new Valkyrie Gloria and new open world A Post-Honkai Odyssey on April 3 and April 6, respectively. These updates are coming both for PC and mobile platforms.

The open world A Post-Honkai Odyssey is described as the biggest activity update yet for Honkai Impact 3rd. Players will join the special task force to unearth the perturbing secrets in St. Fountain, the City of Rebirth, in the 8th year following the end of Honkai. This time, players will engage in three-dimensional combat and exploration, as the game acknowledges the vertical axis for improved freedom. Aerial Combo QTE and Joint QTE are also added, and graphical enhancements such as dynamic lighting and destructible environment improve on an already beautiful game.

The new QUA-type battlesuit Valkyrie Gloria excels at fire damage up close and subdues enemies with a Throw Counter.

You can watch the two new trailers below, the Honkai Impact 3rd Dawn of Glory and A Post-Honkai Odyssey.

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