Hooray for boobies: Revival has ‘graphic sex’ in it, gives you perks

If you can't get enough of seeing the Mass Effect, Dragon Age and The Witcher characters getting it on at every chance they get, then we have good news – Illfonic revealed in a blog update that its horror MMORPG Revival is going to feature plenty of sex. But it's not just sex for the sake of it, it's meant to be a part of what makes the game world a living, breathing place. That's why the game will include activities such as “taking a shit, pissing, having sex, slavery, serial killing abilities, and more.”

But before you start giggling, you should be aware that you probably won't see any supermodel in this game world. There's prostitution but no rape or marriages, although you can agree to raise a child if you had one with someone. Funny thing, sex will actually give you perks for combat, luck and more, as the developers described in detail. Don't worry though – if you don't have sex for some reason, you won't be missing that much:

“Sex is a feature you can use to give yourself perk bonuses. A character with a healthy sex life can maintain strong perk bonuses. A character with an overly strong sex life can suffer karma damage from it. A character with no sex life won’t really be missing out (if you believe the absence of bonuses is not a negative). There is no substitution for sex, but there are certainly other ways to get a ‘perky’. This is great for players who do not want to get involved in this area of the game. We don’t want to punish you for not getting dirty. The amount of bonuses that sex gives is varied. These bonuses can impact combat, karma, luck and more.”

In revival, sex will be presented as a mini-game, for the delight of those who are missing their share of “hot coffees” and Kratos sweet lovin':

“Sex is a cooperative mini-game. You do not control anything other than a simple mini-game during sex. In the background of the mini-game, the animations run for the sexual experience. The mini-game goes on as long as you can ‘maintain’. Both female and males are sustainable to ‘losing’ the minigame when their characters orgasm. The amount of perk bonuses you get is based on how long you can play the mini-game successfully. However, there is a minimum threshold too. If you enter a sexual encounter and don’t meet the minimum time required for the sexual encounter, you can have a negative buff instead (sexual frustration). This minimum time is determined by the each partner's skill level in sex. It’s like if you were to take a virgin to a porn star, who do you think would be KO the quickest? However, you would also level up by engaging with a more experienced partner faster.”

All promising stuff that only makes us more excited (pardon the pun) for a game that is incredibly ambitious and that isn't afraid to get dirty for the sake of immersion.

Revival will be released in stages, as we described here, so it's a game that will steadily grow into something hopefully very special.



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