Horizon Source is a new free-to-play Battle Royale game

Horizon Source battle royale

So, you wanted another Battle Royale game, since you just can't get enough of it? I'm with you, there aren't enough games where you have to shoot other people and be the last one standing. And MOBAs or CCGs, we also need more of those.

But I digress. A few days ago Steam welcomed a new Battle Royale game called Horizon Source, this one hailing from China. You should know by now that this instantly translates to high levels of originality, as you can see by this character below, who definitely isn't Raiden from Metal Gear Solid. No, not at all.

Also, doesn't that name sounds like something randomly generated? You know, like Warrior Heart, or Bionic Frontier? Anyway, Horizon Source puts 100 players in an abandoned island, looking for equipment to better eliminate their rivals. You can also build some fortresses to better defend yourself, but don't expect anything on par with Fortnite Battle Royale. Oh, and you can turn into a bush!

Take a look at some Horizon Source gameplay below, it should help you make up your mind.

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