Horror MMORPG DarkEden is getting a 2D Origin game

Softon Entertainment has announced a new chapter in the DarkEden horror series, which so far includes two PC games. The new game is called DarkEden: Origin and so far has only been announced for South Korea, with the registration period running from January 4 to January 15 and the closed beta test starting on January 16, 2017.

DarkEden: Origin is a 2D game with an isometric perspective just like the previous titles and the story takes place some 200 years after the first game. However, the focus will be on PvP, something that reminds us of the ill-fated RuneScape PvP-oriented spin-of DarkScape, or even MU Rebirth.

The official website is live and it is where you can try to register for the beta, but we can't guarantee that a Korean phone number won't be needed, or that an IP block won't be in place. The open beta of DarkEden: Origin is expected to happen before this summer.

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