Horror MMORPG Mad World enters second alpha on May 22

MMORPG Mad World second alpha

Jandisoft has just announced the date for the second Mad World alpha test. The first alpha test took place back in April and welcomed a little over 500 players.

The second Mad World alpha test beings on May 22 and ends May 27. Once more, an NDA is in place preventing you or anyone else from discussing the game or publicly disclosing some of its details, screenshots or gameplay videos. I participated in the first alpha and was intrigued with what was shown, despite the overall rough state of the UI and a translation that had its share of grammatical errors.

Mad World features a grotesque hand-drawn art style with some repulsive creatures, gruesome boss monsters and disgusting backdrops – all in a good way, of course. The setting is post-apocalyptic and for some reason I keep thinking of the classic RPG PlaneScape Torment as having some similarities in what style is concerned. There's the traditional PvE and PvP, with a focus on a grim and emotional experience for the former.

While Mad World is a cross-platform MMORPG and you can play it on PC and mobile devices, this test is for PC only. You can apply for the second Mad World alpha test by filling this form.


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