Hot Hyper Universe video shows all female skins and emotes

Hyper Universe female skins

Phew, is it hot in here or what? Oh, wait, this Hyper Universe video is the one to blame. The cool side-scrolling MOBA from Nexon is currently in Early Access, but the Korean version is already available for a bit longer. That is the source for this video from Rendermax, which shows all the current female skins and emotes from this game.

If you've been following our coverage on Hyper Universe, you certainly know that this is a game with a fair bit of eye-candy on it. It's a pretty decent game, so this is a good thing in our book. Take a look at the Hyper Universe female skins and emotes below, but with one important piece of info: the English Hyper Universe release was slightly censored, so you get to see slightly smaller boobs or a less prominent chest line. You wouldn't really notice these changes anyway, if you weren't aware of them to begin with.

Hyper Universe just got its first update, which includes the new Dragon Refuge map and new Hyper Arslan.

So, who is your favorite character and wearing which skin?


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