Hunter’s Arena Legends gameplay trailer teases upcoming beta test

Hunter's Arena: Legends gameplay

Mantisco has released a new Hunter's Arena: Legends gameplay trailer showing the environments and the diverse cast of this game. It's not quite the kind of raw gameplay that you're going to see, but the trailer is comprised of in-game footage and highlights the stunning Unreal Engine 4 graphics of the upcoming game.

The Hunter’s Arena: Legends Steam closed beta test is coming soon, and sign ups will open later this month. Players in North America, Europe, and Korea will be able to join in, as long as they are lucky enough to get a beta key.

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Hunter's Arena: Legends mixes battle royale, MOBA, and action RPG elements to create a stylish and beautiful game. 60 players start a match by running from the village in the middle of the map, looking for loot to upgrade their characters and ultimately eliminating the competition. The match ends again in the small village, as the victors enter to claim the prize.

You can pick from over 10 characters, and in the sprawling map 20 bosses and 10,000 monsters await you. You can play solo or in a team with two other players, and the combat system is fast and features many unique skills that can be upgraded. There is also a 1v1 arena to test your abilities without the pressure of the battle royale gameplay.

Hunter's Arena Legends gameplay

The development team behind Hunter's Arena: Legends is Mantisco. This indie dev hails from South Korea and includes veterans from the gaming industry who have worked in games such as Blade and Soul, Lineage 2, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and more.

A few months ago we participated in the Hunter's Arena Legends alpha test. We enjoyed it's impressive graphics and hectic gameplay, but there were a few aspects severely lacking, mostly regarding optimization. Hopefully this game will run a lot better in the upcoming closed beta test on Steam. Watch the new Hunter's Arena Legends gameplay trailer below.

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