Hyper Universe western version censored with slightly smaller boobs

hyper universe boobs

Nexon's Hyper Universe is known for its original take on the MOBA genre, but also for the quality artwork. This artwork, incidentally, includes plenty of boobs, the kind that seems to jump at your face and won't let go.

While some players are all for it, others prefer a more discreet approach, and that's why Nexon decided to act. The result is that the western Hyper Universe boobs are censored… but not that censored.

In fact, we would say that the changes are slight and actually could make for a more tasteful version of the game. MMOS.com compared the western version with the original from South Korea.

The changes still keep the sexyness of the characters, albeit in a less smutty way, in our opinion. A Nexon admin talked about this action and why they decided to go for it:

“In alpha, there was a pretty hot debate in a forum thread (which ended up being our longest forum thread for alpha) about how the females are presented in the game, 5 forum pages later a few people agreed that a compromise between super busty/skimpy and covering up might be for the best. This is what we are attempting to do. We want to keep the appeal of the female characters (and males for that matter!) while not offending anyone. We want to keep the artist’s integrity in-check, but make the game inviting to not only play, but watch as well.” -RazielWarmonic (Nexon Admin)

It's hard to be angry at Nexon, because the characters still retain their original traits and are easy on the eyes. What do you think of this kind of censorship? Does it actually change anything in the grand scale of things, or is it pretty much the same after all?


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