Hyper Universe welcomes new and moody Hyper Curse Eye

Hyper Universe Curse Eye

Hyper Universe just received a new contestant and he's a handful. Curse Eye is the name of this space alien and he has something of a double personality. This update also adds new items and balance changes.

Curse Eye is a support character that is known for his mood swings and two personalities, each one with a unique skillset of moves and abilities. When is happy and fortune smiles upon him – who knows, maybe a female Curse Eye is into him -, he tens to provide buffs and heal spells to his teammates. But when life sucks and he just can't catch a break, he becomes psychotic and there will be hell to pay for the enemy team.

Ten new items are introduced and include a Cursed Sword, Super Precision Rail Gun, and Frost Cape. Two upcoming weekend events introduce new cubes, Emotion and Skin. The Skin Cube weekend runs October 7-8 while the Emotion Cube weekend runs October 14-15.

If you still haven't purchased Hyper Universe, you can now take advantage of a 20% discount on the Founder's Pack until 10 a.m. PDT on October 9.

Hyper Universe Curse Eye


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