Hyper Universe enters Early Access on Steam

Hyper Universe Early Access

Hyper Universe has entered Early Access on Steam today. It's paid Early Access, which is becoming a popular way for makers of free-to-play games to earn some bucks before releasing the game for free at “launch”. We're not against it – in fact, if it helps developers to make better, more exciting games, we're all for it. See Epic Games' Fortnite, for example, a blockbuster which surpassed one million players despite being in paid Early Access before switching to a 2018 free-to-play launch.

But back to Hyper Universe, Nexon's original side-scrolling MOBA and platformer mix. Despite not having a huge playerbase at the time of writing, it is somewhat cheap until August 27 ($9.99) and is getting some positive reviews. Just make sure you're not from one of the restricted regions before you buy the game. If you're from Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan, among others, tough luck, mate.


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