Hyper Universe free weekend is live with Liu, there’s a chance you can keep the game

Hyper Universe Liu

The Hyper Universe free weekend is now live and runs through Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 10 a.m. PST. This weekend also brings the new martial artist Hyper named Liu, Bruce Lee's stunt double (probably).

Here is what Liu is all about:

“Liu is a master of swinging nunchucks, and if his opponents manage to survive that, they have to deal with his powerful kicks and leg sweeps. Liu’s ultimate ability, Dragon Flip, gives his opponents a double dose of somersault kicks to the dome, leaving them stunned and wondering what the hell just happened.”

There is another great thing about this Hyper Universe free weekend – if you play your cards right, you get to keep the game for free, and even more than that! Here are the details that you should note:

• New players who reach account level 7 will retain permanent access to the game beyond this weekend.

• New players who reach account level 15 will unlock a free Founder’s Pack, granting all 24 original launch Hypers and their unique equipment.

• Any players who participate in 20 matches over the weekend will earn Blue Rose's “Red Qipao” recolor skin.

• Any players who participate in 10 additional matches (30 matches total) will also earn Turner’s “Fistfull” recolor skin.


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