New Hyper Universe update features new Dark Elf Striker Hyper Lyn

Hyper Universe Lyn

Today's Hyper Universe patch marks the start of the Ranked Mode Season 1, and also brings a new Hyper into the mix: the cute Dark Elf Striker Lyn.

Lyn is a mobile Striker and has dual crossbows for her weapon of choice. She is able to quickly dash forward and has a couple of active skills involving her crossbows, such as rapid shot and draining shot. You can watch the video below and her official page for a more detailed description.

Ranked Mode Season 1 is already live and running through June 14. You can earn the Hyper League: Season 1 emblem by playing at least one ranked match in Season 1, and if you make it into Gold or higher at the end of Season 1, you'll earn the Gold Hyper Selection Name Plate. To win the first-ever season Ranked skin, Sonny Boy Sonya, you'll have to finish 50 ranked matches and end the season on Gold or higher.

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