Hyper Universe has officially released, is now free for everyone

Hyper Universe official free launch

Early Access is over! Nexon's 2D action brawler, or MOBA if you will, is now available to everyone starting today, as it has officially launched. You can play Hyper Universe through Steam or the Nexon Launcher.

The Hyper Universe official launch comes with a hefty update which brings plenty of new content to the game. No less than six new Hypers join the game, taking the roster to a total of 41 playable characters: Gulunba (Tank), Camilla (Support), Perseus (Specialist), Han (Striker), Sonya (Bruiser) and Tae’guk (Assassin).

Hyper Universe official free launch

Four new pieces of equipment are now available to use with any Hyper: War Horn, Star Stalker’s Dagger, Executioner’s Scythe and Highwayman’s Helm.

An achievement system was added to Hyper Universe, and you can participate in weekly and monthly missions to earn rewards including Hyper Cubes and Game Points, by winning matches, ranking first and other performance goals. You can expect login rewards during this week, and players who log into the game and compete in one regular or AI match will earn 30 Hyper cubes, 6 Hyper Coupons and 1 Hyper Skin Coupon. One final note goes to the game shop, which Nexon swears that won't affect the balance of Hyper Universe. You can buy item slots, cosmetic skins and more.

Watch the Hyper Universe official launch trailer below.


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