Hyper Universe official launch is coming, final free weekend

Hyper Universe official launch hongdukei

Hyper Universe is in Early Access for a while now, having started in August 2017. Now, Nexon reveals that the official launch is drawing near.

The original side-scrolling MOBA is going to enter its final Free Weekend event on 10 a.m. PST on December 15 until 10 a.m. PST on December 20, both on Steam and the Nexon launcher. This is also the last time that the Founder's Pack will be available and discounted 50% on Steam until January 4 – that makes it $7.99 for a while.

On the other hand, today's update introduces the new Bruiser-class Hyper Hongdukei, as well as a competitive ranked mode. Beginning December 21, you can expect some holiday themed maps and skins (Aisha Snowy Santa, for example).

“We were excited to offer our passionate community the opportunity to join Hyper Universe’s Early Access period, allowing them to test the game and provide their valuable feedback,” said Jungsoo Lee, General Manager of Nexon America. “The development team has made great strides since beginning the process and remain committed to supporting Hyper Universe through launch and beyond. We’re looking forward to getting the final game into the hands of our loyal fans and new players soon after gathering feedback from this important test period.”

Hyper Universe is a good MOBA in desperate need of more players – the player base is shockingly low for such a decent game, so we're hoping that the free-to-play launch fixes this.


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