Hyper Universe is getting serious with the new Ranked Mode

Hyper Universe Ranked

Hyper Universe is a fun MOBA, but don't let it fool you – it can get pretty intense. So, it's a good thing that Nexon just launched its Ranked Mode Preseason, running through February 22.

The Ranked Mode Preseason will give players the opportunity to improve their skills and become familiar with the system before Season 1 opens on February 22. The Preseason is open to all players with an account level of 15 and 12 Hypers (free rotation included). New Hyper Captain Red just joined the fun.

The Hyper Universe Ranked Mode is going to feature the following:

● Eight Ranked Tiers: Players climb their way up the tiered skill ladder, featuring Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster ranks. At the end of each season the rankings will reset;

● “True Skill” System: Rank points are always on the line, and players must secure victories to earn points and battle their way up the tiers or risk losing points with every loss;

● Drafting System: Players have the ability to ban certain Hypers when selecting their characters;

● Exclusive Rewards: After earning 30 Ranked wins at any time, players obtain the exclusive Forgotten Hero Allen skin. For reaching Gold Rank or higher before the end of Season 1, players receive a gold-plated Hyper selection name plate and Sonya’s Sonny Boy skin.

There is more coming to Hyper Universe this year. If you want to know about it and see a dog with cool glasses, just watch the video below.

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