Hyper Universe shutting down in Korea, English server probably next

Hyper Universe shutting down in Korea

Bad news for fans of Hyper Universe, the side-scrolling platformer MOBA developed by Cwavesoft. Nexon has just announced that Hyper Universe is shutting down in Korea, with the servers being turned off on November 15, 2018.

In a statement that mentions the “unique systems and charming characters”, the developers thank all the Hyper Universe players who have enjoyed the game since it was released in November 2016. No main reason was given for the shutdown, but it's easy to come to the conclusion that it was due to a lack of a player base capable of providing enough return to support further development.

Cwavesoft is strongly supported by Nexon, with the Korean giant obtaining a licensing deal for the developer's next three games.

The English Hyper Universe server is still live, but a quick look at the player base from the Steam version is not very encouraging – the last 30 days saw the game failing to reach thirty daily players on average, which is very bad news. With the Korean version coming to an end and in all likelihood all development on the game being ceased for good, the western release will also be canceled, probably sooner than you might expect.

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