Hyper Universe is coming to Xbox One this Summer

Hyper Universe Xbox One

Nexon's Hyper Universe isn't a PC exclusive anymore. The side-scrolling action MOBA is coming to Xbox One this Summer, more specifically on August 7, 2018.

Players can pre-order a special Ultimate Hypers Pack for $19.99 starting today, which will give them access to all 39 Hypers at launch as well as future Hypers and six Xbox-exclusive Hyper skins. This pack is valued at $120, and those who pre-order it by August 6 will also get the Celine’s Aurora's Arrow skin.

“Bringing one of the most unique MOBA experiences on the market to the Xbox console represents a huge opportunity for us,” said Jungsoo Lee, President of Nexon America. “The fast-paced action of MOBA video games forces players to think strategically, and we know console gamers will love it.”

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