Ice Queen Aurora is the new character in Paragon

So, it's not Elsa from Frozen – we were joking, in case one of you didn't get it -, but the new character coming to Epic Games' MOBA Paragon also has a knack for ice. Aurora is the name of the new melee hero that will be available starting January 31 and she is capable of turning her enemies into ice.

Aurora's abilities include Frozen Simulacrum (leap in a target direction, leaving behind a solid ice clone of herself), Glacial Charge (an icy trail launches Aurora forward, dealing damage, pushing enemies aside and blocking projectiles from the front), Hoarfrost (creates a ring of hoarfrost around Aurora, dealing damage and rooting enemies caught in the ice) and Cryoseism (creates an ice earthquake. Enemies in the area will turn to ice, which then explodes, causing damage to the Hero and spreading the effect to other nearby Heroes and minions). But one picture is worth a thousand words, so Aurora's announcement video below is probably worth a million words.

Paragon is currently in open beta on PC and PlayStation 4.


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