Platform fighter Icons: Combat Arena enters free Early Access today

Icons: Combat Arena free Early Access

Icons: Combat Arena is going to enter Early Access today, after a beta test that surely wasn't enough to satiate players' thirst for a good platform brawler.

Developer Wavedash Games took inspiration from Super Smash Bros for the creation of this game, but attentive players may also spot a bit of Brawlhalla here and there. This game offers 1v1 platform fighting with flawless netcode (their words, not ours) and seven fighters at the start of Early Access. Being free-to-play, the studio promises that almost everything can be earned in-game and no item will break up the balance of the game.

Later, Icons: Combat Arena will get new game modes which will certainly spice things up: 4-Player Free For All and 2v2 teams. These should give the game its true Smash Bros potential, unleashing a multitude of new fighting options and teamplay.

You can download Icons: Combat Arena on Steam and watch our first look while you wait.

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