Isometric shooter Metal Reaper Online goes global on April 29

The isometric MMO shooter Metal Reaper Online – not to be mistaken for Metal Gear Online – is releasing in a global scale on April 29, 2015, JC Planet has announced. Developed by Korean company N2 Games and featuring an unusual military sci-fi setting, Metal Reaper Online is more akin to shooters such as Shadowgrounds and Dead Nation, and not your run-of-the-mill MMO game. It features non-target shooting, PvP and PvE modes, and has five branches, or classes, on offer for now, with more to come later: newbie, predator, panzer, sniper and supporter. There are also hordes of zombies and other grotesque creatures for you to shoot at. The official website is here if you're interested in signing up for this game.

A cinematic trailer was released and while it could get you in the mood of the game, there's nothing such as watching the real deal – you can see some gameplay right after the teaser.


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