Jagex is developing new RuneScape action RPG and MMORPG

RuneScape action RPG and MMORPG

Jagex has announced that it has hired three Executive Producers for at least two upcoming games. The new hires are going to continue growing the RuneScape franchise, but they will also create new games. This isn't the first time that the British studio has tried to create new titles to expand on the RuneScape universe, but no game was able to convince the world – the PvP focused DarkScape and the CCG Chronicle: RuneScape Legends had a short lifespan.

Jesse America is one of the new hires and it looks like he is joining Nathan Richardson as Executive Producers or “an unannounced online action role-playing game.” This seems to be the RuneScape action RPG that was leaked in December 2018, but Nathan's LinkedIn game description has now changed to “An unannounced RuneScape Shared World Action Role Playing Game.” By shared world, we should assume something along the lines of Torchlight 3 or Magic: Legends. So, yes, a RuneScape action RPG.

Jesse as previously worked on Activision Blizzard King, where he had relevant duties on games such as Candy Crush Saga Franchise and Call of Duty Mobile.

Also very interesting is the hiring of Mario Rizzo, who is taking on the role of Executive Producer at Jagex for “an unannounced massive multiplayer online role-player game.” It's not clear if this new game will be another RuneScape MMORPG or set in a new universe. The latter seems more likely. Mario has worked at Sony as a Producer on EverQuest and Star Wars Galaxies.

Finally, Jendrik Posche joins Jagex as a Technical Executive Producer. He will work with the entire studio to keep things growing and further develop technical aspects and new features.

The RuneScape action RPG and MMORPG sound like interesting prospects. Jagex is yet to score another hit and while the RuneScape name still moves mountains, it needs a quality game to go with it. A fully-fledged RuneScape MMORPG with current technology would surely turn some heads around.

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