Jenny is the cutest Scythe-wielding character ever to join Blank City

Jenny Blank City character

… And obviously the only one as well, as the others have different ways of slaying their foes. Jane Lawrence Ansley, also known as Jenny the Abyssal Wave, is the new character to join Blank City. This mobile action RPG with clear SoulWorker inspiration so far offers a female-only cast of playable characters. I'm not one to complain, though.

Jenny comes from the USA and is aged 18, something that makes her date of birth of August 26, 1772 seem kind of odd. However, this isn't the first time that Blank City plays with its character's bios, so I guess that there is something else going on in this universe. She harnesses the power of the wave, with the final attack that you can see in her video summoning a waterspout.

Blank City looks good if you like your anime action RPGs with cool girls and big weapons. You can download it on Google Play but I'm guessing that it is region-locked, so there's that.


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