Jurassic Park-like survival MMORPG Durango: Wild Lands ends service

Durango: Wild Lands ends service

One of the most original and enthralling survival MMOs is going away for good. As Durango: Wild Lands ends service, many players are left baffled, and so are we, considering that Nexon's game was quite an accomplishment, one of the best mobile titles ever made.

However, quality solely wasn't enough and Durango is going to shut down on December 18, 2019, forum and community included. Before this date, there will be two updates for those who want to enjoy their last days with their dinosaurs. Starting today, October 16, in-app purchases won't be available anymore.

The final chapter of Durango: Wild Lands will be available soon for pioneers through quests, and it will come full circle as it connects to the beginning of the adventure. K and X are the two main characters in this update, and they will bring answers to many questions that players have concerning their stay in the world of Durango.

The next update will speed up progress so that players may enjoy more of Durango before the service end. Nexon and developer What! Studio said that they are trying to find a way for players to keep their private islands even after the termination, so that they can show it to others.

Finally, a combat island is coming, consisting of a PvP location that may sound similar to Warp Rush, but the gameplay experience is widely different. The loot that you get from these battles will help you craft rare weaponry.

It's sad to see such an accomplished and original survival MMORPG fading away after roughly six months since its global release, but this is just one of many cases where the returns didn't make up for the development costs. Although Nexon didn't officially confirm that, it's obvious that Durango didn't bring in enough revenue to make it sustainable.

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